Bogs Binny

Sum1 put pictur her of Bogs i'm tooo la-z ~Dolan



Animal kind:





Being an Fagit (and ocationally workin at McMorky's)


Spoderman (Gave birth to him in an episud)


Gooby, Dafty,Spoderman, Morky


gooby s tresh can

First Appearance:

Episude 3 - McMorkys

Favourite Phrase:

itz smellz like mey hous

Bogs is the gayest rabbit in de hole fukn world

he was born in a poor small house on teh edge of a high wey with a ballsak chin which he inherited from his paretns who were brother and sister and one of his ears floppes down liek a soggie dik becuase dolan injected it with heroin when bogs passed out from smoking too much crack when he was 10 yrs old.

while living in poverty as a child he couldnt afford books and he didnt even pay parenst rent and he found the cure for cancer at the young age of 7 while smoking weed with his parents and later traded it for weed and contiuneued living in a shit hole and

he disturbingly looks like president trump (sexy beast, lol)

bogs lives in a rotting shack, on the brink of falling down but bogs dont care, he is too gay broke and retarded to buy a proper hous and is an upgrade from living in goobys trashcan even if it does smel like rabbit shit and jizz from the uncountable times bogs has been raepd by dolan when hes either asleep or passed out from smoking too much heroin

he whuz 2 when he got hiz first pair of stanky sox for dinr

he is 37 years old, and still attends reception classes since the age of 20 when he was knocked back from year 2 for getting 0% in all 3 tests where the average percent for everyone else was 69%, bogs even fails these because hes so retarded(iq 2).

when hes not failing in preschool he hangs out with dafty in a stiky garbage tip where they play gay games and give passers by blawjobs. bogs always comments on how gay dafty is despite the fact dafty has cheated with dasei behind dolans back exactly 124 times

when hes not a male prostitut, bogs works at a seks toy factory, as the test subject.

he hates posers and bitches

he luvz dolan and gooby

he getz erekt ovr wattching winnie teh pee anally violate tom

bogs is banned from all kfc's after he used the  chicken wings to penetrate himself anally with in the bathroom

fun fects:

his dik so smal u cnt evn see it

wen hes lunley he suks his own bawls becuz hes gay

bogs haz three balls

-He is based on a real person (Justin Bieber)